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Two things sprung to mind when I read SEO Book’s recent post about Google placing more emphasis on established brands going forward:

1. It blows my previous theory about Google letting us police it’s SERPs out of the water
2. It will significantly change the way searchers use Google

The article focuses on recent comments by Eric Schmidt (Chairman and CEO of Google Inc.) that suggest Google will place more emphasis on established brands in future. The majority of feedback i’ve read about this new development, from SEO professionals in particular, is very negative. The general consensus seems to be that it will see big companies/brands dominating the first page of Google for the majority of generic search terms, thereby changing the level playing field that currently exists and removing the opportunities for smaller companies to establish themselves by achieving prominent listings in Google.

However, my take on this new development is completely the opposite. I see it as a positive move by Google that will change the way in which people use its search results for the better.
Most people who use search engines for shopping purposes are looking for the best deal or the most convenient company to use based on the particular service they provide or their geographical proximity. This rules out most of the top brands because more often than not they are more expensive than smaller providers and offer less flexibility in terms of the services they offer.
If Google consistently serves up the top brands on page one for any particular search term then searchers will quickly learn to look on page two or three for smaller companies that were previously found on the first page. I believe it will also increase the use of longer tail search phrases to identify products and services that meet the particular requirements of the searcher eg. rather than searching for Wholesale Jewellery, a search term that would deliver results for the top brands, the searcher would search use more specific search parameters like ‘Wholesale Jewellery supplier Yorkshire’.

This can only be a good thing, as far as i’m concerned, as it opens up Google’s search results and spreads out the traffic. Currently positions 1-5 attract the vast majority of traffic and anything below that is feeding off scraps. In future, if this developent works as i think it will, listings on page two and three of Google will receive significantly more traffic than they do now which can only be a good thing.



  1. Maybe smaller companies will have to push the boat out with their Adwords to get a top result – if they can afford to.

    • Knowing the way Google operates that almost certainly figured in their thinking.

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